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Brittany Beringer-Tobing is a freelance writer, editor, and creator based in San Diego. She currently updates astrology content for Well+Good as a content updates editor. Previously, Brittany was an astrology writer for Bustle, where she penned their retrograde dos and don'ts and monthly full moon manifestation columns.

Brittany's beats are in the lifestyle section: astrology, wellness, and sex & dating—and the cosmic intersection between them. Her bylines also appear in POPSUGAR, Women's Health Magazine, and Frenshe.


Brittany reports on all things cosmic and has covered everything from surviving pesky eclipse seasons to the power of angel numbers to how she uses her orgasms to manifest her best life (spoiler alert: it works).

Before she got her start in digital publishing, Brittany was an organizer for NextGen America, where she advocated for progressive issues and helped turn out the #YouthVote in 2020. Outside of writing, Brittany dabbles in painting, design, and collaging. When she isn't writing or making magic, you can find Brittany thrifting, reading, or somewhere on a dancefloor.

Brittany is currently an Urban Studies major at UNLV where she hopes to change her community, in true Aquarius fashion. 


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