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just a girl, her laptop, and a trove of musings

there comes a time in every writer's life when she realizes she's spared all of her creative ammo at work. so, she starts a blog.

four years ago, i discovered the magic of manifestation and took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue my lifelong dream to become a writer. since then, i've penned columns and landed regular freelance work for major publications and worked one-on-one with small businesses to elevate their marketing strategy. while i'm eternally grateful for the lifestyle it afforded me (wfh culture, freedom, and lots and lots of pr goodies), it's also done quite the number on my creative spirit.

don't get me wrong - this is all that i've manifested and worked hard toward since i was able to scribble my name (and let's be honest, my crush's, too) on paper.

but i don't feel like i'm writing for myself anymore.

you're probably thinking, "britt, have you heard of journaling?" yes, i have. i jot down my thoughts everyday because if i don't, i would probably explode like confetti or disintegrate into the ground beneath my feet (whichever is more grandiose). but i can't jive with the idea of either manufacturing words for millions of readers or quietly-yet-somehow-boisterously scribble my unhinged thoughts into a journal.

there's got to be a medium. i mean, how else will the world know that i'm sharp and gifted and outrageously charming and witty if i didn't meet somewhere in the middle?

i'm just a writer, after all. a wordsmith. pen-yielding warrior. this is a place i go to when i want lay down my armor, kick my feet up, and entertain the musings in my world and beyond.

welcome, reader. i'm so glad you're here.

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